Outstanding finish – three times

The first job was in August 2013, it was a downstairs wc and required wall tiles and floor tiles. It was a relatively simple job but I was very specific how I wanted it done and he was very accommodating. It looks great.
Next came a shower room in Dec 2013, well over a year later and it still looks as good as new. The process involves using the correct plasterboard, water proof sealant, waterprooftapes, specialised adhesives, laser spirit levels, etc. The finished product looks perfect and is extremely durable.
In August 2014 he returned to help me complete the master bathroom. With a walk in shower area, sink and tiled in tapless bath this was a complicated job. It looks fantastic (see pics on his website), he was full of useful tips and advice for the work I was completing and even installed some “hidden” removable panels for should access ever be required to the pipework.
He is a proper, traditional craftsman and a thoroughly nice bloke.

Martin O’Reilly, Sale, 12th March 2015